Spring is basically here!

Spring is basically here!

I know, I know.  I'm NOT your everyday blogger.  But our overgrown, stretched-out planters are begging for a refresh.  They're craving an upgraded makeover with new colors, varieties and much-needed cactus/succulent soil.  We have what you need, start to finish.  We really do have it all!

Spring and summer gets us outside, into our gardens, feeling creative, making arrangements for ourselves or gifts.  We provide you with amazing color & selection at very affordable prices, making what you do easier and more fun. #PlantTherapy and #GardenTherapy are real!

Are you a small business, creating and selling at farmer's markets and flea markets?  Do you know we offer wholesale pricing and can ship anywhere in the US?  

Little Succulent Shop can meet your needs, whether it's 2" colorful succulents in small amounts or large orders for corporate events, weddings, baby showers and other social get-togethers. We're located in Southern California, where ALL of the best succulents and cacti are grown. We have excellent relationships with local growers, supporting their small businesses as we all grow together.

Reach out, let us know how we can help you. We're here to bring color into your life through succulents, cacti and airplants. 

Happy planting!

Tari Colbry

Owner, Little Succulent Shop



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