Spring has sprung! What does your garden look like...?

Spring has sprung! What does your garden look like...?

I know how excited we all get when spring is in the air... we can just feel it in our bones! Warmer weather, baby critters, trees budding, flowers blooming. Everything ready for a re-start after having a sleepy, dormant winter. 

Spring also means more rain, quick snow storms, and other moisture that our plants need to start out healthy. And how 'bout them weeds?!?  I'm in Southern California where we've had a huge amount of rain this season. The drought is no longer an issue but the weeds are! Weeds have taken over every area of my yard. I think overnight they grew about 2 feet. 

I encourage you to enjoy their meaning... needed moisture, new beginnings and the opportunity to spend some time in your yard... it may not be exciting but the end result is oh-so-rewarding as you look back and see what your hard works has achieved. It also gives you the chance to see the new healthy growth of your plants, add new ones into those areas and just enjoy being outdoors.

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So don't wait, start pulling those weeds. I encourage you to invite a friend to join you. Work on your weeds, then do the same for them. It makes time spent even better because you're investing in someone else, you're beautifying your space and you'll get to do the same for the other person in their yard. 

Pull weeds, prune your succulents, share the cuttings with friends or plant them in a different area of your yard, ... and just enjoy the beauty that God & nature offer all around you. 

Now... I need to listen to my own advice and do the same!!!

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