New March promotion: get a FREE Peperomia Ginny!

New March promotion: get a FREE Peperomia Ginny!

MARCH SPECIAL!!! Purchase a 1/2 flat of beautiful succulents & get a Peperomia Ginny for FREE!!! (No special code necessary, this special is only available for March.) Isn't this Peperomia absolutely adorable? The colors splashed across its leaves bring tons of eye-catching interest to this houseplant, which can be yours for absolutely FREE when you order our most popular item, our 1/2 flat of succulents!
Peperomia GinnyRemember, each order of a 1/2 flat contains 32 plants, all grown in a 2" pot and shipped bare root. I personally hand pick every single succulent to ensure the best quality & color possible and a dominant color can be requested -- such as light blue, purple/lavender, green, etc. Pictures shown are examples of what you can get. I hand pick each succulent once your order is placed so i don’t always know exactly what will be available. I can’t guarantee specific varieties but i do guarantee a beautiful array of color, variety & textures.


Don't miss out on this amazing special and place your order today!

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